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A Typical Evening for a Legal Clerk

After a day at work doing detailed legal research and writing memoranda for future brief development a great way to relax is by enjoying an evening at home listening to some good music.  Nothing can help you unwind better than to spend a half hour or so working out or playing a ball game after a long day at work.  It gives you the opportunity to exercise your muscles, work out all those kinks that you get from bending for hours over a desk reading, taking notes and inputting text into your desktop or tablet.  And it also helps you get rid of all that pent-up energy that accumulates after the inevitable in-house debates and frustrations that are part of a workday in the legal profession.  I often use a spare tablet that I got with a Groupon promo code for a significant discount.  I find it is really handy to have when I need to find a quick reference or to look up something while writing on my main computer.  When finished I save all the work to a flash drive; if something happens and the systems go down my work won’t be lost.  Then I take off to head to my evening workout.

I personally like to go to the gym every evening after work.  There I take off my office clothes and put on the activewear workout suit I got with a Sears online instore Groupon coupon for a 60% discount.   After tying up my sneakers I … Read more