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LegalThese legal agreements apply to users in United States. Finally, the Court rejected Poland’s arguments as an intervener. Specifically, the argument that Member States that are ‘just about ethnically homogeneous, like Poland’ mustn’t receive migrants was rejected, both because it infringed the precept of solidarity and because contemplating ‘the ethnic origin of applicants for international protection’ would be ‘clearly opposite to EU legislation and, in particular, to Article 21 of the Constitution of Fundamental Rights of the European Union’, which guarantees non-discrimination on grounds of (among other issues) ethnic origin.

In case you have elected to pay by bank card, and Eastman doesn’t obtain payment from the bank card issuer, you agree to pay all amounts due Eastman immediately upon demand by Eastman. Every time you use the website you agree that Eastman is authorized to cost your designated bank card account for the applicable charge for web site then in effect. You need to notify Eastman of any adjustments to your card account, billing address, or any other modifications which will prevent Eastman from charging your account.

I’m not a hundred% certain why companies seek Lever Rule Protection. One consequence is that it tells prospective importers to affix labels to the product to get them by Customs. Materially totally different but genuine products that are unlabeled are topic to seizure. I suspect that almost all importers do not know about the labeling possibility or don’t bother to label, which makes the Lever Rule invaluable. Also, in search of Lever Protection gets the trademark entrance and center with CBP for enforcement.

Anda mengakui dan setuju bahwa pemilik Konten dan distributor tertentu (seperti penyedia app retailer) adalah penerima manfaat yang dimaksudkan dari Perjanjian dan memiliki hak untuk menegakkan Perjanjian secara langsung terhadap Anda. Selain sebagaimana diatur dalam bagian ini, Perjanjian ini tidak dimaksudkan untuk memberikan hak kepada siapa pun kecuali anda dan Spotify, dan dalam hal apapun Perjanjian menciptakan hak penerima manfaat pihak ketiga. Selanjutnya, hak untuk mengakhiri, membatalkan, atau setuju untuk setiap variasi, pengabaian, atau penyelesaian Perjanjian yang tidak tunduk pada persetujuan dari orang lain.

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