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The doc that initiates the submitting of a chapter proceeding, setting forth fundamental info regarding the debtor, including title, handle, chapter beneath which the case is filed, and estimated quantity of assets and liabilities. The formal written assertion by a defendant in a civil case that responds to a complaint, articulating the grounds for protection.

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There are a number of points to be derived from this judgment. The first and most essential level is that the validity and enforceability of a planning settlement depends solely on the powers under which it is made. The agreement on this case was solely saved by the fact that it was not solely dependent on part 106, but was also made below section 16 of the Higher London Council (Common Powers) Act 1974 (which enabled the prohibition in opposition to applying for parking permits to be made) and section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972 (which saved the monitoring charge from being held to be extremely vires).

mid-15c. “of or pertaining to the legislation,” from Middle French légal or immediately from Latin legalis “legal, pertaining to the regulation,” from lex (genitive legis) “regulation,” probably associated to legere “to collect,” on notion of “a set of rules” (see lecture (n.)). Prison phrases for two or extra offenses to be served one after the opposite. Example: Two 5-year sentences and one three-year sentence, if served consecutively, lead to a most of 13 years behind bars.